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The ARES After Hours Podcast

Feb 11, 2022

In today's episode of the ARES After Hours Podcast, we continue our discussion of the pillars of resiliency with the second pillar; the social pillar!  This one had to be recorded twice due to microphone difficulties on the first take, but in the new and improved version, we have guest speaker William "Joey" Seal!

Updates and announcements in this episode bring attention to the new nonprofit, the ARES Responder Relief Project!  This organization is brand new and will raise money to provide scholarship opportunities for public safety training, financial relief for injured first responders, and assistance to underfunded organizations such as fire departments for safety equipment and supplies.

Join in and let's continue to try and bring light and awareness to ways we as first responders (and people in general) can stay resilient when life tries to knock us down.