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The ARES After Hours Podcast

Apr 21, 2022

Continuing our coverage of the four pillars of resiliency, we're moving on with the mental pillar!  Typically, we teach this pillar with an emphasis on learning new skills and such to keep your mind sharp and occupied, but there's more to it than that.  So tonight we have special guest Mrs. Bonnie Miller!  (Some possible relation to Justin from what I hear). We did have some connection issues during the recording of this podcast and so some of Mrs. Miller's responses get choppy and unclear but ultimately we felt that the information in the episode was too good to risk losing in a retake so we kept it as originally recorded.  

Please keep an eye out for Mrs. Miller's upcoming podcast, Mind Matters! Her extensive background in topics like tonight's episode can be a huge benefit to anyone who may need help with the struggles of life.

Some other things mentioned in the podcast include a book recommendation from Mrs. Miller on the subject that can be a fantastic read, and we will post the link to it here in the description shortly!